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An Undiscovered Vale

The spring equinox, reckoned as the moment of each solar year after the winter solstice and before the summer solstice when the center of the sun passes directly over Earth’s equator, the instant when the solar terminator—the liminal boundary between night and day that rushes endlessly across the face of our rotating planet—transits through perpendicularity with the equator, marks the occasion of Mid Spring, also called Ostara. This sabbat provides an opportunity to focus on themes of beginnings, breakthroughs, and regeneration in our personal lives and in within the broader Pagan Reformation.

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A Faith Ever New

Reform Pagans celebrate Mid Spring (also called “Ostara”), a sabbat of regeneration, breakthroughs, and new beginnings, around the time of the spring equinox, when hours of light and darkness in a day are most nearly equal. This time of year also sees new life emerging everywhere from winter’s dormant Earth. Continue reading A Faith Ever New