We Are Pagans

Paganism is the expression of humanity’s innate spiritual impulse, its quintessential beliefs and practices those arising naturally among humans in Nature. Whatever the outer forms of our spirituality, its essence is our humanity in Nature, who is our only revelator and revelation, our source of inspiration and the end of our every desire.

Pagans worship many deities or few or none; we strive to develop our whole being, our body, mind, soul, will, and spirit. We embrace and celebrate with exuberance both the achievements of civilization and the untamed fullness of life. Our worldview and lifeway reflects our human heritage and experience:  We focus on such matters of everyday humanity as time and change, will and fate, life and death, sun and moon, Nature’s seasons and life’s phases. All these incidents of the human condition we face actively through our symbols, rituals, disciplines, and celebrations.

Humans are naturally spiritual animals; Paganism nurtures and channels our innate spiritual impulse so that we flourish, fully human in Nature.

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