Where To Go From Here

Whether you’re relatively new to Reform Paganism or quite familiar with this new branch of the Great Tree of Paganism, PaganRenewal.net offers many resources for deepening your understanding of Reform Paganism.

Humans are social animals whose spirituality attains fullness only in community. If you’d like help finding a branch group of the Pagan Renewal near you or starting your own, please create a profile on PaganRenewal.net and search for members near you or contact us.

Reform Paganism is still a relatively new branch of the Great Tree of Paganism, so local branches are admittedly few and far between. Regardless of what kind of community you have or don’t have, here are some first steps you can take on a Reform Pagan path:

  • Observe the sabbats of the solar year and the esbats of the lunar cycle in rituals on your own or with a group, always with a focus upon transformation of self and the whole world.
  • Develop compassionate lovingkindness and sympathetic joy toward all people, and let that feeling inspire you to volunteer in service to your local community on an ongoing basis.
  • Study human wisdom traditions, both Pagan and non-Pagan, as well as contemporary fields of scholarship to increase your understanding of yourself and of the world around you.
  • Ground and center yourself in your body in Nature as you work to improve the health of Nature’s creation and your own biophysical conditions and circumstances.
  • Get in touch with “divinity”, the Awen, or your “higher self”, particularly through meditation and creative pursuits, so you can discover and express who you truly are.

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