Our Heart: Stele & Pith

While Reform Pagans generally find common ground in our Fifteen Theses and Five Elements, symbolized by our Shining Pentagram, we emphasize the open-minded cross-pollination of all traditions—like the twigs, leaves, and flowers of our new branch of the Great Tree of Paganism—that serve to manifest our vision of positive transformation.

The Unity Awen, a symbol of both the Pagan Reformation and the Pagan Restoration, together referred to as the Pagan Renewal, depicts Nature inspiring and unifying our diverse movement through its living Pith, our central conviction, vision, and mission:

We affirm our conviction that all persons possess an innate spiritual capacity rooted in Nature.

We affirm our vision of humanity’s once and future faith, inspired by both ancient wisdom and modern learning, ever reforming for the present and the future.

We affirm our mission to promote the restoration of this timeless faith for the highest good of all.

By Power, Love, Truth, Life, and Divinity, may we be united in perfect peace and perfect trust.

So mote it be!

We refer to our Fifteen Theses and Five Elements, together with the living Pith comprising our central conviction, vision, and mission, as the Stele of our movement, a growing continuation of the eternal Stele of the Great Tree of Paganism.

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