We Are Reformists

What distinguishes Reform Paganism from the roots (Paleopaganism), trunk (Mesopaganism), and other branches (Neopaganism) of the Great Tree of Paganism is Reformism.

While sharing with other Neopagans the moniker “Pagan”, as well as many words, symbols, beliefs, and practices, Reform Paganism is unique in emphasizing practical approaches to spiritual renewal in four areas: in the lives of individual persons through the unending project of spiritual and human development, in our spiritual traditions and communities through continuous re-examination and refinement of our beliefs and practices, in the broader human community through the personal ministry of each individual and the collective ministry of organized groups, and in all of Nature through efforts to promote its flourishing.

We call our spirituality not “Reformed Paganism” but “Reform Paganism” because the Pagan Reformation and Restoration are continuous processes without end. Paganism is the quintessentially human expression of humanity’s innate spiritual impulse, and by virtue of the Pagan Reformation, this natural worldview and lifeway may attain a Restoration to its former preeminent and respected position in society.

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