Who We Are

Reform Pagans are practitioners of “natural” (as opposed to “revealed”) human spirituality who, furthermore, recognize and appreciate humanity’s unique position and role in the long arc of the Autopoiesis of the Universe.

We feel Nature—our only revelator and revelation—calling us to promote universal spiritual development: our own, that of our faith community and of the broader human community, and that of all of Nature. We have a clear vision of Pagan Renewal, and manifesting that vision is our mission.

Reform Pagans are always reimagining and recreating our Paganism and working through that once and future faith to transform ourselves, our spiritual traditions and communities, our extended human family, and our world.

We find excitement in and draw inspiration from age-old truths that have always enlivened human spirits, and through the continuous and unceasing process of reform, we aim to make Paganism as accessible and relevant today and tomorrow as it has ever been.

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