How We Practice

Reform Paganism is anti-orthopraxic, with the specifics of practice left to each individual and group, according to the diversity of ever-evolving traditions within the Reform Pagan family. The abstract touchstone of Reform Pagan practice is transformation of ourselves, our faith and spiritual communities, our greater human family, and the whole world, all for the highest good in Nature.

We build the basic foundation of such a practice by addressing universal human aspirations through Reform Paganism’s Five Elements, which are symbolized by the five points of our Shining Pentagram:

  • Fire: For the Will, Power through transformative rites oriented around the solar year, the lunar months, the devotional “hours” of each day, and the stages of human life in Nature
  • Water: For the Soul, Love through fellowship in concentric and overlapping communities that work together to minister to each other and the entire human family
  • Air: For the Mind, Truth through study of all wisdom traditions and all fields of scholarship, self-critically seeking with curiosity, wonder, and an open mind
  • Earth: For the Body, Life through attunement to the natural world and care for all of Nature’s Creation, including efforts to improve and transcend our own biophysical circumstances and condition
  • Aether: For the Spirit, connection with Divinity, channeling the best and highest muses within each person through mystical experiences and creative endeavors to promote spiritual development in Nature

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