Welcome to the Past, Present, and Future

Reform Pagans believe that Paganism is humanity’s once and future faith, with the power to transform the world for the better. Our mission is to manifest this vision of Pagan Renewal.

Reform Paganism is a new branch of the timeless tree that is Paganism, the natural human spirituality of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, inseparable from the human heritage and—by virtue of reform—the human future.

The beginning and end of Reform Pagan spirituality, the very purpose of its existence, is human flourishing: We would challenge, encourage, and support all persons to choose thoughts and behaviors every day that lead to individual and communal spiritual development in Nature.

We believe that the Pagan Reformation will lead to a Restoration of Paganism to its former place of respected prominence and positive influence in society, and we refer to the Pagan Reformation and Restoration, together, as the Pagan Renewal.

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