Our Hope: Fruits

Reform Pagans hope that the Stele of the Pagan Renewal would make our movement concretely fruitful.

Some fruits that Reform Pagans hope the Pagan Renewal will bear are relatively near at hand, for example:

  • Prayers, liturgies, and frameworks for transformative ritual observances of common and special occasions in human life in Nature
  • Institutions and organizations that support loving communities
  • Curricula and other resources for learning and teaching effectively about Paganism and the awesome world of Nature
  • Temples and lands that provide space for Pagans to prosper in deeper connection with Nature
  • Songs, poems, and works of art that express the inspirations of Awen

Other hoped-for fruits may ripen farther into the future, for example:

  • Repair of the damage that humankind has inflicted upon our home, the Earth
  • Transcendence of our biophysical conditions and circumstances so that we might become more Powerful, Loving, Wise, Alive, and closer to Divinity than at any prior point in our evolutionary history
  • Propagation of life from Earth to other planets

As Reform Paganism establishes a link from the forgotten past to the unimagined future, so many of the fruits of the Pagan Renewal may come as surprises to us. To help ensure that the fruits our movement bears are wholesome, we embrace continuous reexamination, reform, and renewal of ourselves, our communities, our faith traditions, and our world.

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