Reform Paganism is New Growth

Occasionally when Pagans from other traditions first encounter Reform Paganism, the questions they pose hint at a basic misunderstanding: What’s wrong with my Paganism, and why are you trying to change it? Let us be clear: Nothing is wrong with anyone’s Paganism, and no one is trying to change it.

Reform Pagans are not iconoclasts but visionaries. We see Paganism not as a relic from a bygone era—one that might need fixing or replacing—but as a great tree with many branches in the midst of unprecedented growth. Reform Paganism is a new branch, distinct from the others; in other words: Reform Paganism is new growth.

Pagans come to Reform Paganism most often when the other branches of the Great Tree of Paganism haven’t afforded those individual seekers quite the right perch on which to build a spiritual life. And that’s a wholly personal conclusion and decision, to be drawn and made in honesty to oneself without judgment of others. Similarly, non-Pagans come to Reform Paganism when this particular spiritual path attracts them more than do others, and the entire human family—indeed, all of Nature—benefits when even one spirit finds a suitable path for itself.

Reform Pagans are always eager to share our traditions with other Pagans because we appreciate that cross-pollination of the branches of the Great Tree of Paganism produces beautiful blossoms and nourishing fruit. And our hope is that Reform Paganism, as new growth, would expand this Great Tree so that more spirits might find shelter under its branches.

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