One Branch, Many Blossoms

Reform Pagans often illustrate our place within Paganism through the metaphor of the Great Tree of Paganism: We speak of the Paleopagan roots, Mesopagan trunk, and Neopagan branches, and we distinguish our Neopagan branch from coequal branches, each of which serves its own purpose.

Unique among the branches of Neopaganism, Reformism is defined not by the contents of our specific traditions of belief and practice but by our commitment to adapt so that we might manifest our vision of positive transformation. Accordingly, Reform Paganism includes but transcends many Pagan traditions, which we cherish as blossoms on our branch of the Great Tree.

We labor in love to manifest our vision by fostering reconnection with “natural” human spirituality in promotion of universal spiritual development, which comprises the whole person (soma and psyche), the whole human community, and all of Nature. For we understand that everything is eternally intertwined in the long arc of the Autopoiesis of the Universe and that spirituality is an emergent property of Nature in us.

Reform Paganism offers—and, indeed, must offer—a place for all persons, whether polytheist or duotheist or atheist, whether novice or adept, whether old or young, of whatever background or circumstance, provided only that each of us remain committed to our shared vision and mission in perfect peace and perfect trust. Within the Reform Pagan community, we rather value and promote a promiscuous cross-pollination of ideas and experiences, the fruit of which exachange nourishes the Pagan Renewal.

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